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4net Technologies is a business communications technology specialist which provides unified communications, contact centre solutions and cloud and managed services to customers in the UK and overseas. Its scalable offering allows it to cater for organisations with as few as ten employees to large-scale enterprises comprising 2,000 members of staff.

Founded in 2005, 4net Technologies is at the forefront of technology developments within the telecommunications market. The company offers a complete communications package from design and implementation, through to aftersales customer support and maintenance.

Author: Thomas Ankers

Thomas Ankers

Marketing Assistant at 4net Technologies

Manchester, UK


Company4net Technologies
Main locationsManchester, UK
Business sectorBusiness communications technology specialist
Relationship startedAugust 2015


4Net Technologies provides telephony solutions and markets its services to a wide range of industry sectors. Since the company’s telemarketing team is small it wanted a flexible software solution which would help it to generate high quality leads by tracking traffic on their site and support ongoing email marketing campaigns.

In the past, 4net had used Wow Analytics which was more expensive and complicated for the user. 4Net was contractually tied into this alternative provider but a timely email from CANDDi meant that the business became aware of the more cost-efficient but functionality rich solution. 4net was able to switch to CANDDi in August 2015 and was delighted to find it so straightforward to implement and to use.

Tom Ankers of 4net’s marketing team, commented, “Our priorities were to find a solution which was easier to use and more affordable than our existing software. We are also keen to work with other businesses based in the North West so were very happy to come across CANDDi and are thrilled with how it’s working so far.”

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CANDDi for 4net Technologies

CANDDi is now a fully integrated part of 4net’s telemarketing function. The software tracks existing customers and new prospects to the site. Automatic identified visitor notifications are sent to the relevant sales people within the 4net sales team for follow-up. These emails contain rich data including name, contact information, duration, number of sites visits and a history of previous interactions.

As well as tracking web visits, 4net have started to use CANDDi in their outbound email marketing campaigns. They are able see who has opened and interacted with what content and to utilise this data to generate sales leads. Sending one-to-one emails is high on the agenda for 4net. The telemarketer incorporates links to different areas of the website at his discretion and can then easily monitor levels of prospect interaction. Once they engage the next step is to arrange a face-to-face appointment.

The company is also using CANDDi creatively, for customer feedback. E-mails are sent to customers which ask them to click on one of four links to rate customer service. The team is able to see who responds to which option and tailor responses accordingly.

When asked about support for the product Tom replied, “It’s been great. Nothing seems too much trouble for the team at CANDDi.”

CANDDi for 4net Technologies

The Benefits

Within weeks of deploying the solution, 4net’s sales team has experienced the benefits of the CANDDi platform. The influx of leads and a rich body of data has kept the team busy with follow-ups.

CANDDi has enabled 4net to make further in-roads into public sector prospects. Although the company has a strong history of developing successful communications services with public sector customers it had previously been difficult to determine who, in particular, was responsible for making buying decisions within public sector bodies with which they had no history. CANDDi has allowed 4net to identify names and behaviours of individuals interested in its offering. The business is now building up a contact list for these target organisations.

4net runs a number of annual events which take place between January and August to promote its services. Now that CANDDi is in place the business is looking forward to making use of it for targeted mailshots to build its profile by raising awareness prior to each event.

The sales team will also consider using CANDDi Capture to ask visitors what they are interested in, build a rapport and be even further informed about their needs so as to close more sales.

Speaking about future plans, Tom added: “CANDDi is now a key part of our sales and marketing function. Client decision making in this sector is often a long process, taking between 6-12 months in total. Over the three months CANDDi has been in place we have built up our prospects and it has allowed us to stay on top of leads throughout this nurturing period. We look forward to seeing the results monetised in terms of sales and contract wins.”

Thomas Ankers, Marketing Assistant at 4net Technologies

“Our priorities were to find a solution which was easier to use and more affordable than our existing software. We are also keen to work with other businesses based in the North West so were very happy to come across CANDDi and are thrilled with how it’s working so far.”

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