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For 25 years BTC has worked with manufacturers and franchised dealers in the automotive industry across the globe. It provides specialist software including a vehicle health check system and a sales management tool, as well as having a training and consultancy arm and a contact centre which works closely with dealers an extension to their sales teams. Through the provision of these products and services BTC adds value and creates efficiencies in the automotive sector.

Author: Nick Squire

Nick Squire

Operations Manager at BTC

Crewe, UK


Company BTC
Main locations Crewe, Cheshire
Business sector Solutions for the automotive industry
Relationship started July 2015


The CANDDi solution was recommended to BTC by a trusted partner and a long-term user of the software. Nick Squire, Operations Manager at BTC, agreed to an online demo and was extremely impressed by its capabilities and the knowledge and responsiveness of the CANDDi team.

With a network of automotive manufacturers and dealerships around the world, Nick knew exactly where his potential prospects were based but had no means of identifying who the most suitable or the most receptive ones would be. The business was also aware of where website traffic was coming from but could not recognise individual visitors. For example, traffic routed through France could be identified as coming from Peugeot Citroën, representing potentially tens of thousands of individuals.

For qualifying existing leads Nick’s method had been to forward an email containing a PDF of a service brochure or a PowerPoint presentation. He was unable, however, to establish whether the prospect had opened it and if so, for how long they had looked at it.

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After only three months CANDDi influenced the way the business ran its marketing programme. BTC issues regular newsletters, eshots and blogs all with a clickthrough containing the CANDDi code. Each evening Nick receives an email detailing returning traffic and ensures his first task the following day is to contact these leads.

When a new visitor lands on the website as a result the marketing activity Nick informs his business development teams who follow up by email. For example, a prospect may have spent some time looking at the “Thinking Like Customers” sales training programme for service centres. In this case the sales team would offer specific assistance or point the prospect to the dedicated area on the website or a company blog on this topic.

To target particular prospects Nick now sends oneto-one emails containing the CANDDi code to major OEM clients such as automotive manufacturers. From tracking their subsequent behaviour he determines which areas offer the greatest appeal and decides how best to follow-up.


The Benefits

BTC is reaping significant rewards as a direct result of intelligence gleaned from the CANDDi platform. For example, a sales consultant tracking website traffic activity recently noticed a dealership located in Mid Wales was looking at the vehicle health check product (Auto-VHC) for around half an hour. The consultant followed-up and managed to secure the sale of two systems to the value of £10,000. CANDDi yielded a return on investment in just three months.

BTC are continuing to find innovative ways to drive results. The insight gained from monitoring levels of activity on different parts of the website also enables BTC to review and develop parts of the site which need to better reflect BTC’s capabilities and to target certain services to particular markets.

Further new business is in the pipeline and Nick feels that more can be done to exploit the potential of CANDDi. The BTC sales team use the Zoho CRM system using manual data entry. At a later stage the business intends to integrate CANDDi with their CRM.

He also remarked on the helpfulness of the CANDDi team, adding that they ensure that the customer is thoroughly briefed and go the extra mile to ensure any questions are answered.

In a very short space of time the team at BTC has become so impressed with CANDDi that they are formally introducing it to partners and providers throughout the worldwide automotive industry.

Nick recommends CANDDi to other businesses and commented

“CANDDi provides deep intelligence to a business by identifying prospects at a ‘needs-awareness’ stage of the sales process. It really is a great system which is very easy to use.”

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