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Colleague provide recruitment software, with a focus on recruitment CRM, for sector-specific recruiters offering permanent or contract employment opportunities. This includes those specialising in fields such as IT and technology recruitment.

The company first introduced its software in 1995 and now has a global client-base, including recruiters such as Interquest Group, Networkers International PLC, Advanced Resource Managers and Square One.

Author: Louis Welcomme

Louis Welcomme

Communications Manager at Colleague

Norwich, UK


Company Colleague
URL www.colleaguesoftware.com
Main locations Norwich
Business sector Recruitment software
Relationship started November 2014


Colleague already had an inbound marketing strategy in place and as part of this, wanted to be able to identify how prospects and customers were interacting with their marketing materials, which include blog posts, whitepapers and webinars. The company had begun using Lead Forensics, but wanted software that could track individuals instead of being restricted to a simpler level of IP identification.

Having been introduced to CANDDi, Colleague were impressed with the software’s ability to build a complete profile of those engaging with their website and content. They felt CANDDi stood out from its rivals due to the range of information it was capable of capturing and saw the potential benefits it could bring to both marketing and sales teams, particularly as a source of lead generation.

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CANDDi for Colleague

CANDDi is now used to track registrations and activities across the whole of Colleague’s website.

Visitors to the Colleague site are prompted to download additional content, such as whitepapers, by CANDDi capture, a form which records information from site users.

When these visitors return they are welcomed back thanks to the profile captured by CANDDi and are asked if they are interested in Colleague’s products. This has helped re-inforce the pipeline of Colleague’s inbound marketing strategy and also serves to provide sales teams with an insight into the specific services that are of interest to the lead.

These identified leads are also filtered into individual streams, which are assigned to the relevant sales people, allowing them to make a timely and informed approach to the prospect.

In addition to tracking website and download activities, Colleague make use of CANDDi’s ability to integrate with Mailchimp, allowing them to identify leads from email marketing campaigns.

CANDDi for Colleague

The Benefits

Colleague’s communication manager Louis Welcomme says CANDDi has identified more than 500 leads since it was rolled out across the company’s website.

“The capture form is great at capturing new leads. We’re also being able to refresh older leads generated through our inbound marketing campaigns by building a profile on those who are regularly interacting with our content and services.

“CANDDi has helped to provide intelligence and context, and has become an invaluable tool for our marketing strategy and sales teams.

  • Louis Welcomme

The team at CANDDi have also helped Colleague to develop the software to suit their individual business needs.

Louis Welcomme

“The service has been really good. The account management we receive has been fantastic and it’s great to have contact with those on the development side of CANDDi.

“They have been very proactive in helping us with solutions and open to modifying the software where possible to meet our requirements. We’d certainly recommend it!”.

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