About Bioquell

Bioquell is a leading bio-decontamination company, specialising in removing pathogens and biological contamination from environments in the life sciences, healthcare and defence sectors.

Bioquell provides scientific equipment and approaches to neutralise biological threats and contain outbreaks across the globe. The company’s advanced technologies can be utilised for infection control and environmental filtration and help to eradicate unwanted bacteria, viruses and fungi.

The company, which has an international client portfolio, has provided bio-decontamination solutions in laboratories and medical production lines, as well as hospitals.

Author: Martin Whiting

Martin Whiting

Marketing Director at Bioquell

Southampton, UK


Company Bioquell
URL www.bioquell.com
Main locations Andover
Business sector Bio-decontamination
Relationship started May 2014


Bioquell were already using a number of marketing automation services but were looking for a solution that specialised in identifying visitors interacting with their site. Though the Bioquell team were already able to track the number of online visits they were receiving, they were relying on any prospects following-up on this initial interest with further contact.

The company, therefore, wanted software to provide their sales teams with a flow of leads that were presented in an easy to understand format and didn’t rely on contact initiated by the prospect.

After being introduced to the concept of IP look-up services, Bioquell decided to begin using CANDDi after being impressed by the simplicity of the product, as well as the level of detail provided about each identified lead.

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CANDDi for Bioquell

Having successfully adopted the software, CANDDi is now used by all Bioquell sales staff.

In addition to utilising its ability to identify businesses landing on their site, the company has also worked with CANDDi to develop individual streams for different groups of identified prospects.

As a global product and service supplier, these streams have proved extremely effective in allowing Bioquell to filter the data provided by country and assign it to the relevant sales teams.

The streams are also able to segment the data so that prospects specifically visiting either the life sciences, healthcare or defence sector pages can be sent to the relevant Bioquell contact to follow-up.

CANDDi for Bioquell

The Benefits

The ability to identify prospects landing on Bioquell’s site has provided their sales teams with a steady flow of leads.

As a result of this, Bioquell’s Marketing Director, Martin Whiting, believes that CANDDi has helped the company realise their website’s potential as a lead generation tool.

“The teams get regular emails and are able to get in touch with prospects quickly, while also being armed with the right information.

“They find the alerts and streams really simple to understand and use, and it means we are able to identify interest from businesses in real-time and put together an appropriate follow-up action – something we find is invaluable.

“Importantly, because staff can now see the names of the actual businesses visiting the site, it enforces the idea that the prospects themselves are real. This then generates a great buzz among the sales teams.”

  • Martin Whiting

As a software provider, CANDDi also play a continuous role in ensuring Bioquell are able to use and adapt the platform to meet their business objectives.

Martin Whiting

“CANDDi are very responsive when it comes to any queries we have.

“The help they gave when it came to setting up individual streams is just one example of how they have played a proactive role in tailoring the software to meet our needs.

“As a modern innovative British company we also quite like working with another British company that’s delivering innovative solutions to the market!”

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