Nearly there!

What features are available in the free trial?

All of them! As soon as you get started, you’ll have access to the entire suite of CANDDi’s tools and integrations. But only because we like you :)

Can you identify EVERYONE?

No. CANDDi's great… but it's not a crystal ball, and we of course need to comply with data protection laws! We identify individuals by integrating into your sales and marketing processes. Learn more here or go ahead and register and we'll show you how in our onboarding call.

Why do you need my card details?

How many free trials have you signed up for and forgotten to use the service? We want to make sure you get the most value possible from CANDDi, and filling out your card details is just a good way to make sure you commit! But don’t worry, we’ll never charge you before the end of your trial, and we’ll even email you 7 days before it ends to remind you!

Is CANDDi GDPR compliant?

Yes, CANDDi is 100% compliant with the latest GDPR regulations. What’s more, our compliance toolkit ensures that your own data handling is too. Read more about it here!

Can I see a demo of CANDDi?

Sure! When you finish signing up, you’ll be able to schedule your onboarding call where we walk you through the platform. But if you’d rather see a demo before signing up, you can request one by clicking here!

Got any further questions? I’m Tim Langley (CEO) and this is Belle (DOG)... let’s chat on LinkedIn!