CANDDi Onboarding

Exporting data from CANDDi

Way to get data out of CANDDi & into Excel

We know that lots of businesses make lots of use Microsoft Excel and CANDDi provides an easy mechanism to export any stream to a CSV file which Excel will import. By default the export will include the columns of data you see in the the stream when you view it on CANDDi.

Advanced exports let you select exactly what fields you see

Just about all of the data that CANDDi has stored for a visitor can be included in an export. Where the data is more complex that a date or number, for example a list or tags or multiple entries, CANDDi will do it’s best to export this data in a way that Excel will understand.

Cool stuff which is coming soon!

  1. Scheduled exports Being able to choose to get a stream export nightly, weekly or monthly. CANDDi will run the export and send you an email where to download it

  2. Create your own reports If you need customised data today, then please ping an email to, this new functionality will enable you to slice and dice the CANDDi data so that it directly fits your business needs