CANDDi Onboarding

Tagging and Streams

Filter your users using streams

Streams are a way of filtering and organising your users dependent upon their behaviour on your site. A stream will group together the visitors which meet specific criteria that you define, such as duration, number of visits, pages viewed etc.. You’ve already got seven default streams and you can create your own using the ‘Create Stream’ wizard.


Tags are a way of labelling a contact. So if a visitor has been on your ‘about us’ page you can tag them as ‘about_us’. A visitor can have as many tags as you want.

You can create streams based on the tags that are most important to you. For example, you might want to see everyone who has looked at your pricing page or, slightly more complicated, everyone who has looked at your product page, spent over 5 minutes on the site and who has visited from the USA, how cool is that?

You can also use tags to exclude specific visitors so that they are hidden from all your streams apart from the ‘Excluded’ one. For example, you might want to add this to your staff members so that they don’t look like false leads.