CANDDi Onboarding

Email Integration

A very effective way to increase the number of identified visitors, is to integrate CANDDi into your email campaigns.

If you put CANDDi tracking into the email campaign links then CANDDi will track names and email addresses into the visitor’s profile within CANDDi. This is awesome as the visitor might have been on your site previously, but their CANDDi profile looked anonymous. Now you’ll know who they are!

You’ll also know when they’re back on in the future too - providing they use the same device, of course.

CANDDi Email Integration Wizard

It doesn’t matter which email platform you’re using, CANDDi integrates with all of them. The email integration wizard is very clever, all you need to do is choose the platform you use, paste the URL you want people to click through to, and the wizard will generate the code for you to paste into your email template. Here’s a video within the wizard showing you how to do this using Mailchimp as an example.

Create a stream specifically for these people

You can also use the wizard to create a stream specifically for the people who visited your site as a result of this campaign. These visitors will still appear in other streams, as normal, but now you’ll be able to trace back these specific visitors knowing that they converted into clients or customers as a direct result of your campaign.

Our Frequently Asked Questions contains lots more information about email integration. If you need any help with this then email