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NEW CANDDi Features

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  • Best ever visitor identification
  • Improved CANDDi Capture (pop-up forms)
  • Updated Email integration
  • Company Identification
  • 14 CRM integrations (and rising)
We can identify the individual visitors on your site in a number of different ways, such as when they fill in forms, download files, click through from one-to-one emails or bulk campaigns, or interact with our CANDDi Capture pop ups.

What our customers say

fluid trust
“As a busy CEO, the ability to see a snapshot of the new leads and marketing performance with CANDDi’s daily report is invaluable.”
context pr
“CANDDi has delivered new business in excess of £100k in its first year with Context. To be clear, that is business we would not have seen without CANDDi over and above the normal referral business.”
smarter business growth
“CANDDi does it all. It is both a qualifier and an ice-breaker. I wish I’d had it 30 years ago.”

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