Welcome to CANDDi

Looking for a tool that gives real visibility over your website visitors?

CANDDi doesn’t just tell you which company your visitor is browsing from. We track devices directly so you can...

  • Accurately identify the individuals visiting your website
  • Get real-time alerts when hot prospects are visiting
  • See every single action from every single visitor on your site
  • Get all of this information directly inside of your CRM

CANDDi and Leadfeeder… What’s the difference?

Track individual visitors, not just businesses

Knowing who your visitors work for is great. Knowing who they are is even better.

CANDDi’s unique Visitor-Level Tracking eliminates the guesswork from your business development strategy.

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Full integration with your sales and marketing process

We’re here to provide powerful information about your website visitors by plugging into the tools you’re already comfortable using.

This includes your emails (one-to-one and email marketing platform), your live chat, and your CRM.

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Real-time alerts for timely sales decisions

We’re not limited to Google Analytics’ delays in data processing.

With CANDDi, you’ll know who is visiting your site, and you’ll know it straight away.

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Automatic filtering and lead scoring

CANDDi is built to be customized.

Once you’ve decided what your ideal prospect looks like, your visitors will be automatically tagged and grouped so you can easily focus on the opportunities that matter.

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Why not try it for yourself?

The power of Visitor-Level Tracking

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CRM Integration

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