Get more sales from your website visitors.

CANDDi reveals who they are,
and what they’re interested in.

The Power of CANDDi

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Identify your website visitors

Identify leads before your competition with Visitor-Level Tracking

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Prioritize the leads that matter

Concentrate on the hottest leads thanks to automatic filters and lead scoring

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Optimize your
marketing ROI

Track the success of your marketing channels so you can focus on what works

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Make timely
sales decisions

Take action when it matters most with our real-time data and alerts


“Anyone considering CANDDI, should take this trial up. I can strongly recommend it and their very helpful team to give you greater insight into your web traffic and make more conversions. It works!”

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Identify individual website visitors, not just companies

Don’t just stop at identifying the companies who are interested. Using Visitor-Level Tracking, CANDDi creates an individual profile for every single visitor who hits your website.

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Focus on the The Hottest Prospects

Stop wasting time chasing leads who aren’t interested. With CANDDi, you can automatically score prospects and filter them based on quality.

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Integrate With the Tools You Already Use

CANDDi integrates seamlessly with every major CRM and Email platform. That means you get rich new information about your leads directly inside the tools you’re already comfortable using.

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