How CANDDi identifies your visitors

CANDDi gives your sales team more, high-quality leads by identifying your hottest prospects. But how?

Here are the different ways CANDDi can work out exactly who is visiting your website.

  • CANDDi Capture
  • Our Capture feature allows you to engage with your website visitors in four different ways, at a time that best suits your needs.
  • Choose from Subscribe Newsletter, Contact us, Customer Survey, Download.
  • Capture is a great way of helping CANDDi learn who your visitors are while delighting them with a useful service.
  • Filled in forms
  • Forms on your website are smarter with CANDDi.
  • Once you know who’s filled in a form you’ll know when they come back.
  • Outlook and Gmail
  • Add bespoke code to links in any one-to-one emails members of your team send.
  • We’ll let you know when someone opens an email and clicks through to your site.
  • From now on, we’ll be able to tell you just how interested they are in your site.
  • Email Marketing
  • CANDDi integrates with more than 70 email marketing platforms.
  • We create codes that work effortlessly with each platform.
  • Once you’ve sent a marketing email, and someone clicks through to your website, CANDDi will be able to identify them.
  • CANDDi download
  • Let your prospects download marketing and information documents.
  • Each download is delivered via an email that allows CANDDi to identify the prospect every time they visit your website.
  • IP Addresses (Internet Protocol)
  • IP addresses show where an individual is visiting your website from.
  • They rarely show personally identifiable information, but they can show what company an individual works for.
  • This helps us build up a more detailed picture of each of your visitors.
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