Onboard your Sales / Business Development Team

Curated by Brian Sandiford

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Step One


Once you have tested the CANDDi Gmail or Outlook Plugin for yourself, it would be best to share this great tool with the Sales / Business Development Team and get them to trial it for a few months. This is important as most B2B sales have reasonably long sales cycles and a proper trial of CANDDi and the Plugin will be needed to see the usual results of more and faster closing of sales.

Step Two


We want to show them 1) who opened the email and 2) did they click on any links within the email e.g. viewed the pricing page or a spec sheet etc. Once they click through a link, we have them fully Identified and auto-assign them to the email sender. Seeing someone opening an email can be a significant psychological boost for someone nurturing a lead along.

Step Three

Find User Management

Before they can download the Outlook or Gmail Plugin, you need to set them up as a Salesperson within the CANDDi User Management portal via the Settings tab.

Step Four

Stream View

A Salesperson user can only see the stream you decide you want to share with them. To start with they will only see one stream “Assigned to”, which will contain all the profiles they Identified for themselves when recipients click through their email links.

Step Five

Assign Profiles

Once you have the team set up. You can manually assign any non-assigned Identified Profiles to them. If everyone is using the Email Plugin, these non-assigned would just be profiles Identified from form-fills or click-throughs from email campaigns.

Even when assigned, the profile will remain in your Identified visitor stream, so you can see everyone and move profiles to different users as and when required.