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“SharpSpring was all-encompassing, but this made it difficult to get things done without their constant support. Switching to CANDDi was painless, and we got measurable results from day one.”

Ansar Mahmood, Pomegranate Commercial Finance

Before making a choice on which software is right for you, it’s important to understand how they’re different. While SharpSpring and CANDDi share a number of features, SharpSpring is primarily a marketing automation tool.

SharpSpring is a massive company, and their expensive software is designed to replace all of your systems. This can be a great solution for big new companies with a sizable budget, but it can be the wrong choice for SMEs who only end up using a fraction of the features they pay for.

At a glance

Identify companies who visit your site
Identify individuals who visit your site
Integration with major CRMs
Social media management
Blog builder
Track visitor activity on website
Real-time prospect alerts
No set-up cost
One-on-one email open tracking

What’s the difference?

Identifying Visitors

SharpSpring attempts to identify which company has visited your website, but beyond that, they are only able to give you a list of who it might have been, based on a list of that company’s employees.

With our innovative identification methods, we can make sure you know who specifically has visited your site, so you can contact the right person when they are most likely to close the deal.


SharpSpring’s monthly pricing is significantly higher than CANDDi. Plus, SharpSpring has a set-up cost of $1,800 whereas CANDDi has none.

We have a number of packages to suit businesses of any size, and we’ll make our prices clear from the outset - with no nasty hidden costs.

One-on-one email tracking

Like CANDDi, SharpSpring includes a feature that allows you to see when a recipient has clicked a link on your email. However, CANDDi takes this even further, notifying you as soon as that email has been opened.

CRM integrations

CANDDi boasts the ability to fully integrate with most popular CRMs, and for those that we can’t yet plug into, we can bespokely integrate with.

Since SharpSpring has its own CRM, it doesn’t fully integrate with any others apart from Salesforce. Third-party integration software like Zapier can be used, but this does complicate the set-up process, and means the features available to you are limited by what’s included in the integration software.

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