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LinkedIn, Wordpress and CANDDi Combined for Social Selling

Published 19 Jul 2013 by This is a guest post by canddi co-founder, tom cheesewright, CANDDi
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My business is futurism. I help companies to get to grips with the changes that tomorrow might bring. The output of my work tends to be a lot of content. And as an ex-PR I know that good content is something that PR agencies often struggle with. So I decided to create a new campaign specifically for PR agencies.

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Feedback from SMP trade show

Published 14 Jun 2013 by Fred, CANDDi
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CANDDi was at the Sales Management and Performace (SMP) trade show in London on 6-7th June 2013. Here's what you missed if you haven't seen us.

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Insight Analytics Part 4 - Leap of Faith - From Company Name to Customer

Published 29 May 2013 by Tim, CANDDi
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We all like a 'sure thing'. And much of the time that's what CANDDi gives us- named individuals who have shown a clear interest in our product. But every now and then we have to take a leap of faith. This happened recently, and if things go to plan, our response may land us our biggest name customer yet.

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