Switching PHP to Node.js for tracking

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GitFlow for content

Published 24 Oct 2013 by Oli, CANDDi
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GitFlow is a well known branching methodology for code development, because we now have a Jekyll based website, content is just code, and we love it.

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CANDDi at Web Summit 2013 - (Sold Out)

Published 21 Oct 2013 by Fred, CANDDi
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In just a few years The Web Summit, has become "the best event in tech", attracting over 10,000 visitors coming to listen to 350+ incredible speakers and meet with the greatest startups.

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Becoming Static: Making the Move to Jekyll

Published 13 Sep 2013 by Oli, CANDDi
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Having been completely rebuilt to use the same technology as Barack Obama’s campaign site, canddi.com is now much faster. You'll not see any other difference though, and that's the point.

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