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How does CANDDi identify individuals?

Published 06 Nov 2020 by Chris Glover, CANDDi
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In this blog post, we’ll answer what is probably the most common question we get asked:“How does CANDDi identify individuals?”.

But first, keep in mind that identifying individuals is just one of the main technologies used by CANDDi.

The other main technology is company-level identification, which allows us to identify which company your visitor is browsing from, even if we can’t drill down to the precise individual. Read about our company tracking here!

Now, let’s go over how we identify your visitors...

CANDDi identify

Step One: We Track Every Single Device

First thing’s first: every time someone visits your website, we put a first-party tracking cookie on their device.

This doesn’t necessarily allow us to identify them, but keep track of which pages a visitor looks at and for how long.

It also means we’ll recognize that device the next time it hits your website.

Step Two: We Integrate With Your Digital Marketing

So, how do we apply identities to those tracked devices? We integrate with your digital marketing activity.

We keep an eye on your company’s digital touchpoints, and how your prospects are interacting with them. The second any individual completes an identifying action, their visitor profile in CANDDi updates with their name and contact info.

Here’s a list of all of the possible identifying actions:

  • Clicking a link to your website from a bulk email campaign
  • Filling in a form on your website
  • Clicking a link to your website from a gmail/outlook email
  • Filling in a CANDDi Capture pop-up form
  • Clicking a link to your website from a LinkedIn message
  • Downloading a CANDDi-tracked file
  • Entering their info into your live chat

Step Three: We Recognize Identified Visitors When They Return

Your visitors only need to complete one identifying action once to become identified.

After this, they’ll be recognized on every return visit, regardless of how they get there!

Also, CANDDi’s tracking cookie lasts 10 years, which means you’ll be spotting opportunities and warm prospects far into the future.

We recommend using our real-time notifications so you know exactly when your most valuable prospects are returning to your website!

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