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What are the best ways to improve B2B lead quality?

Published 12 Nov 2020 by Ellice Eadie, CANDDi
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When you’re in sales, it’s all about the leads. But don’t start getting carried away with the idea of the more the merrier, what you actually want is quality. Quality over quantity!

You could have a million leads but if they’re all dead ends, what’s the point? It’s much better to have a smaller number of leads you understand and know will convert. So, how do you know?

We’ve put together the best tips to help you improve the quality of your sales and ultimately increase your sales!

Lead Quality

Qualify your leads

Don’t accept everything that falls into your funnel. Amongst your team you need to agree on who you do and don’t class as ‘qualified’.

If you’re not sure how best to qualify your leads, put together a list of fundamental requirements that are needed to purchase your product/ service.

This could be what industry they’re in, what services/ products they’re offering themselves, even down to the size of their team and business process. Ultimately, there needs to be a benefit to both parties.

In doing so, you’ll save a bunch of time as you won’t be chasing leads who aren’t in the best place to invest in your business.

Avoid time wasters

Just ask a few key questions to establish if the lead meets the demographics you need.

Are you speaking to the decision maker? What are they looking for? Do they have experience with similar products or services? Once you know this, it’s easier to get the ball rolling, or call it a day.

Website visitor tracking software can help you massively in this department. Your website is one of the biggest sales assets your company has, so why not make the most of it.

Additionally, tools like CANDDi capture every visitor landing on your site, providing the data you need to automatically qualify leads.

This includes company info, individual visitor profiles and a history of all the activities they’ve completed on your site, so you’ll know actually who you’re talking to and what to talk about.

Score your leads

Lead scoring is such a simple yet effective idea. It’s the process of ranking a lead’s interest level and sales readiness.

We recommend your scoring process should include data you’ve gathered from your qualifying process as well as how leads interact with your site.

In the end, it’ll come down to a mixture of “fit” and “interest.” If you can see a fit but low interest, you need to nurture the lead. If there’s a fit and interest, you need to follow up quickly.

Don’t neglect the nurturing process

For your leads to convert, there needs to be an element of trust. This comes from nurturing your leads and building relationships with your prospects.

To successfully nurture your leads, you need to implement a focused content marketing strategy. This needs to listen to the pain paints of prospects and provide the information needed to build trust. Obviously, everyone likes to feel listened to, and it doesn’t hurt to increase brand awareness!

You can get some help with this by implementing a marketing automation platform to develop flexible communications for each type of prospect.

On top of that, nurturing campaigns enable interaction with buyers, as well as collecting data that monitors behaviour to further optimize future campaigns.

Additionally, reports say that around 80% of leads never buy at all. That’s why it’s crucial to qualify your leads and continue to nurture them throughout the funnel.

Keep everyone in the loop

Since the beginning of time, there’s been a block between sales & marketing. Communication.

This only means that the hard work of the marketing team goes to waste, and the sales team’s job becomes harder.

That’s why it’s a good idea to create a feedback loop between the two teams. It’s a great way to take a step back and view your customers, business, and process from each other’s point of view.

In doing so, you can create a more aligned sales & marketing process that makes the customer feel at ease. If everyone is on the same page, there’s more likely to be trust and a purchase at the end of it.

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