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What percentage of my web visitors will CANDDi identify?

Published 28 Oct 2020 by Chris Glover, CANDDi
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CANDDi is the best at what it does, but it’s not magic. And that means we can’t identify every single one of your website visitors.

Which begs the question… just how many can we identify?

Well, let’s get into it.

CANDDi identify

What do we mean by match rate?

There are two possible levels of identification that CANDDi can apply to your website visitors: company-level and individual-level.

At the company-level, you’ll know you’ve had ‘a visitor’ from a specific company. You won’t know who exactly, but you’ll be able to see everything your company visitor looked at. This includes useful company info like industry, headcount and location.

At the individual-level, you’ll know which PERSON has visited your site, for example “John Smith from SmithCorp”. You’ll also see everything that individual has looked at, as well as any personal info we can connect.

So, the ‘match rate’ is the percentage of your website visitors who become identified at either of these levels.

Company-level match rate

The percentage of your visitors CANDDi will match to a company varies due to a number of factors.

One major factor is the kind of companies your website attracts, and whether those companies have a registered IP address. And, since companies need registered IP addresses to be identified, this difference will greatly affect your company-level match rate.

With that said, let’s answer the question:

Across all of our users we have an average company match rate of around 20-25% of website visitors. We’re confident comparing this to any other IP-to-company tool on the market!

Individual-level match rate

CANDDi identifies individuals by integrating with your digital marketing. That means your individual-level match rate greatly depends on how much outreach your business is doing.

A company who does no proactive marketing will have little-to-no individuals identified in CANDDi. On the other hand, a business who does lots of email outreach will have plenty of identified visitors!

Because of this, it’s difficult to give an average number on an individual-level match rate. But before you click away from this article, how about we give you our own match rate?

In the years we’ve been running CANDDi on our own website, here are the numbers we’ve gotten:

Total website visitors: 426,317

Identified visitors: 74,426

That puts our own individual-level match rate at 17.5%.

How good is that, really?

17.5% doesn’t sound that great, does it? I mean, what about the other 82.5% of visitors?

Well, on a standard B2B website with no visitor tracking, you can expect around 2.8% of website visitors to convert and leave their contact details.

Now, from our conversations with businesses the true number is probably more like 1%, but let’s be generous and go with the official number.

Remember: CANDDi is giving us the individual contact details (e.g. John Smith at SmithCorp) with at LEAST an email address and complete visitor history of 17.5% of our visitors.

That means we’re getting over SIX TIMES as many warm leads from our website as the B2B average.

Not bad.

Try it for yourself

As we’ve mentioned, match rates vary from business to business.

So why not stop worrying about averages, and just try out CANDDi for yourself?

We offer a full one-month trial so you can get an accurate idea of how valuable our solution will be to your business.

Click here to get started for free, and start identifying warm leads today!

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