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Strike Gold More Often With This Sales Prospecting Tip

Published 24 Sep 2020 by Chris Glover, CANDDi
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There’s a reason sales prospecting shares a name with gold prospecting.

They involve pain-stakingly sifting through mountains of dirt for the occasional golden nugget… and constantly asking yourself if it was worth it.

But what can you do to improve the process?

Well, this tip assumes that you’ve already thought about your target customer, and are generating lists and reaching out via Email or LinkedIn.

The key here is to minimise the time you spend chasing disengaged prospects, to allow you to focus your time and energy on the ones more likely to convert.

How? By sending tracked outreach, so you have complete visibility over how your prospects are interacting with your emails, messages and website… even if they don’t reply!

sales prospecting

Power up your email outreach

What’s the standard procedure for reaching out to your prospects via email? Probably something like this:

  • You send an email
  • You wait
  • You pray to the God of Sales
  • You wait some more
  • If you don’t get a response, you send a few nudges
  • If you still get no response, you give up

CANDDi’s email integration eliminates this uncertainty by showing you when a prospect opens your email and clicks on any links you send them:

email intergration

Better still, you’ll see every single activity your prospects take on your website after clicking through - in real time.

Armed with this information, you’ll know exactly which of your prospects haven’t opened your email or clicked any links yet. You’ll also know exactly which ones have had a good look around, so you can get back in touch at the optimal time to progress them down their buying journey.

Get the full story about your LinkedIn messages

This one’s a brand new feature of CANDDi, and it’s got a lot of our users excited!

Using our LinkedIn Propect Tracker, you can not only find out who is clicking the links you send in your messages, but you’ll be able to see their activity through your website once they arrive there, too.

As soon as someone clicks one of these tracked links, they’ll become an identified visitor in CANDDi. The great thing about this is that you’ll then be able to recognize them every time they return to your website, and get the full story about their buying journey.

This is invaluable for people who prospect on LinkedIn, because so often people will click through to your website and have a good look around, but then get distracted and never reply to you. This leads to you assuming they were never interested, and allowing a good opportunity to slip through your fingers!

Try it for free

For full access to everything CANDDi has to offer, sign up to our free one-month trial.

It’s completely no-obligation, and the perfect way to find out just how more effective your sales prospecting can be with enhanced visibility.

Our sales GUI extension will automatically add tracking to your daily outreach, and you’ll be able to see all of CANDDi’s rich information about your prospects directly inside your CRM!

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