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Getting the Most out of CANDDi - Part 1

Published 07 Sep 2020 by Ellice Eadie, CANDDi
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When you sign up to a trial of a new piece of software, it can be hard to know where to start.

That’s why at CANDDi, we like to get involved from the get go. After all, how can you realise the true benefits of our software if you’re not sure how or what you’re using?

When it comes to lead generation tools and website tracking software, It’s easy to get lost in features and self-help guides. But what’s the rush? We’ll give you a free trial period of one whole month to ensure you really get to grips with what we’ve got to offer, as well as hands-on, round the clock support from the CANDDi team.

If that’s not enough for you, then maybe this quick read will help you figure out the most optimal way to get started with CANDDi, or at least leave you feeling more confident when it comes to the inevitable decision phase.

IP Tracking

Patience is a virtue

You’re not going to be up to speed overnight. CANDDi isn’t a one size fits all type of website visitor tracking tool. All of our packages are tailored to suit your needs, whatever they may be. Although this can make the onboarding process a little more time consuming, it’s most definitely worth it.

Why? Well because if you take the time to learn how CANDDi can best help your business from the onset, you’ll save hours, effort and even money in the long run.

Nobody is saying you need to spend the whole month glued to your CANDDi Dashboard, but in order to move forward with your lead generation or marketing ROI, you need to know what you’ll gain from our help. Or more importantly, what you won’t.

All aboard the onboarding train

At the end of the day, the most expensive software is the one you don’t use, so the biggest investment you can make is taking the time to learn how to use CANDDi (and use it the correct way).

Our Customer Success Team is always on hand to help you out too. You’ll be invited to jump on an onboarding call the minute you’ve installed your tracking code to run through all the best tips and tricks to suit your business needs. This knowledge can then be shared round your team so everyone knows the do’s and don’ts for a quicker, more effective launch once the time comes.

Unlike some of the bigger digital marketing tools out there, you’re more than just a number to us. Ew, that’s cheesy I know, but we pride ourselves on the time and effort our guys put into your success. There’s literally nothing they won’t do for you. So make the most of it. Ask all the questions, try all the features, utilise the knowledge of the team.

Speak up

As lovely as it is, don’t be over-polite. We’d much rather you ask us challenging questions than keep quiet about what is or isn’t working for you. If you feel like something’s not right or you’ve got an idea that you think could work, tell us! That’s the whole point of a free trial period. It’s trial and error.

Also, a problem shared is a problem halved. And 9 times out of 10, we’ll be able to sort something out for you even if it’s not quite off-the-shelf. For the other remaining 1, you best believe we’ll work a way around it, don’t you worry.

There’s no stupid questions here at CANDDi, (trust me, as the new girl I should know) so don’t feel awkward about voicing your opinion. Whether it’s ‘what’s your pricing?’ Or, ‘how does cancellation work?’ - we’ll sort you out.

P.s. our pricing is flexible but has a base rate depending on your website traffic.

P.p.s. Just give us a message if you want to cancel. We won’t hold it against you. Well, not to your face anyway.

The demo death-trap

Don’t be that person who only has time to book a demo. Of course our demos are amazing, obviously, but they’re not a full representation of what CANDDi can do for you. Sorry.

Our free trial experience is full feature access, meaning everything you see during your month with us is actionable, true data that relates to your business. What’s the point in going through the motions of a trial period with a bunch of fake data that means nothing to you? But anyway…

Without the chance to test out our tool, the likelihood is you’re not going to know what’s going on or the right questions to ask. You’re already on the back foot.

Be inclusive

You’re either one of two customers here: 1. You run the ship and you hold yourself personally responsible for business decisions. Or, you’ve been trusted by the captain to find some decent website tracking software that can boost business. Either way, you’re probably not going to be the only person using the CANDDi software daily. So why not get input from everyone?

I keep harping on about our Customer Success guys, (they’re a needy bunch) but it only makes sense to have the people you want implementing CANDDi listen to what they have to say, no? In our experience, we’d suggest maybe getting a few others involved too. For example, your IT guys and gals who receive and process service requests. Other managers, such as HR/ Customer Service can also come in handy, particularly if they regularly check compatibility and workflows between departments.

Go with the journey

Ultimately, any trial period is an informative, relatively painless yet totally necessary part of the software-buying journey. The more time you spend getting to grips with the platform, being direct and specific with your needs, and including your team, there’s no reason why everything shouldn’t go smoothly. What have you got to lose?

Although, for the sceptics amongst us, we know it can be hard to trust some blogger from the marketing team whose job it is to shout about how fantastic CANDDi is. While this is true, my job is made a bit easier by the fact we are actually fantastic. If you’re still unsure, we’ve got a little something you might like. Check out our free trial myth buster.

Or just drop us a line. We won’t bite.

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