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The wonderful pets of CANDDi

Published 01 Apr 2020 by Chris Glover, CANDDi
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As we continue our working-from-home adventure (we’ve settled on calling it that over state-enforced isolation) I’m learning all kinds of things about my colleagues.

Spurred on by the success of our remote show-and-tell session, I decided to pry a little more into the CANDDi team’s personal lives. So as they got on with boring things like “work” and “building for the future”, I bothered them all until they sent me pictures of their pets.

Here they are! Which do you think is the cutest?

Matty’s Hamster Hattie

Hattie belongs to Matty.

Unfortunately, his other pets Ratty and Batty couldn’t make it as they were busy. And also because I made them up.

Matty described her as “a 4 month old Syrian hamster who is a bit strange… she throws her shavings everywhere, tips her food bowl over, and climbs all over the walls and roof of her cage”.

Honestly Hattie, after a week of self-isolation we all feel your pain!

Chris’ tortoise Dippy

At 43-years old, Dippy eclipses the other pets in the list when it comes to age, wisdom and downright class.

My Dad always told me growing up that his name was short for “Serendipity”, to commemorate their fortunate and happy encounter.

Sadly, he recently admitted this was a total lie by telling me: “Don’t be stupid, I was only 10 years old. It’s because his head always dips up and down”.

Tim and Saadia’s dog Belle

Here’s Belle with Tim modelling some CANDDi apparel. She’s the one on the right.

They’re actually both successful at CANDDi for the same reasons: being smarter than they look, and knowing loads of tricks.

Strictly speaking, it isn’t fair for Belle to enter this “Best Pet” competition; firstly because she was genetically engineered for cuteness, but also because she’s our office dog and thus subject to bias.


Francis’ cat Chloe

Francis said of Chloe: “She is 16 and has gotten very sweet in her old age. She likes to be a centerpiece of any gathering, begging people for scratches.”

While she won’t be the centrepiece of any gatherings any time soon (two metres apart, people…) you can give her a scratch from all of us until then, Francis!

George’s dog Ted

Ted is blind in one eye, but still loves going on walks!

As you can see, his favourite spot is wherever George is; be that under his desk or on his bed.

Don’t worry about your vision problems Ted, that beautiful sunlit picture of you has certainly caught our eye :)

Jasmine’s cat Amber

This is Jasmine’s cat Amber.

She was lost and out of sorts until she was taken in by a loving new family. But enough about how Jasmine started at CANDDi.

Jokes aside, Amber really was a stray being bullied by other cats until she ran into Jasmine’s house one frosty December evening. A Christmas miracle!

Logan’s cat Chloe

Speaking of Christmas Miracles, here’s Logan’s cat Chloe.

I know; two developers, both with cats called Chloe? What are the chances! Thankfully, you can easily tell the difference since Logan’s doesn’t appear to have a face.

Here’s what Logan had to say about her: “Although she lost her tail at a young age, she never lost her fighting spirit, living until 24 years old!”. Very cute.

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