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Breaking News: Trial CANDDi for FREE!

Published 24 Mar 2020 by Chris Glover, CANDDi
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free website tracking tools

For over 10 years now, we’ve assisted companies in building meaningful relationships with their prospects.

This has always been our purpose… but it seems like now, more than ever, people need help connecting with potential customers.

That’s why for the first time in our history, we’re launching a free trial of CANDDi.

Although website traffic may be down across most sectors, your prospects haven’t ceased to exist. In fact, it’s never been more important to understand and engage your website visitors.

We’re passionate about making this happen.

This isn’t a restricted service, or a managed trial. For the entire month of your free trial, you’ll get full access to CANDDi, and we’ll be on hand to help in any way we can.

Register for your free trial, and let’s all keep building for the future.

Take care,

Tim Langley

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