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Google Parallel Tracking and CANDDi

Published 27 Oct 2017 by Janie Krahulcova, CANDDi
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Over a week ago, Google has released a post about their new parallel tracking for their AdWords. Many of you might be wondering if any of that has/could have any effect on CANDDi. Let me put your mind at ease. CANDDi tracking has not and will not be affected at all. Here is why.

Google Parallel Tracking and CANDDi

The reason why Google is changing its AdWords tracking is that the tracking they do at the moment can cause delays in website load time. Their concern is that even a few milliseconds delay can affect how many people land on target website which they fear could affect the conversion rate. Hence, they want to avoid that risk by introducing what they call parallel tracking. For many of you, this might raise concerns. Is CANDDi causing your website to load slowly? Are you losing business because of it? Is parallel tracking going to have any effect on how CANDDi works/performs? The simple answer is - no.

We’ve put together a diagram that explains how Google AdWords tracking works at the moment and where CANDDi tracking starts to illustrate what could cause delays with current google tracking and why CANDDi is not affected:

Current Google AdWords Tracking Diagram

You can see that at the moment when Google AdWords is tracked, it bounces onto a minimum of two stops which can as a result delay webpage loading. However, CANDDi tracking does not come on until after the visitor lands on the website; hence, it does not affect the loading time of a web page at all. Other JavaScript based trackers, like Google Analytics, are not affected either.

So even as Google AdWords are tracked at the moment CANDDi tracking is not affected and as it is has no effect on the web page loading time.

Similarly, with parallel tracking that Google is introducing, the situation will remain quite the same:

Google AdWords Parallel Tracking Diagram

You can see that Google is going to move the tracking to the background to avoid the potential delays in web page load time. CANDDi tracker will stay where it is so the result is the same. No delays and no effects to the way CANDDi tracks.

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