Embrace Company Profiles

Embrace Company Profiles

Published 27 Sep 2017 by Janie Krahulcova, CANDDi
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Don't we all like a fully identified profile where we know who it is we need to speak to? Well, let me tell you that even company profile can be hidden diamonds.

Embrace Company Profiles

One of CANDDi’s USPs is that it can drill down to the actual individual on your website. You will have the visitor’s name, contact details, business name, activity on your website and more. However, it is no secret that in midst of all that gold sitting in your dashboard, there is some silver = company identified visitors who have done some cool stuff on your website but they are yet to be identified. These profiles tend to get overlooked but beware - you still might be losing out on opportunities. Here is how we work with company identified profiles on our dashboard so no precious opportunity slips through our fingers.

On our CANDDi we embrace company identified profiles as much as the people we know because they are hidden opportunities waiting to be uncovered. We pool these profiles together by specific parameters (ie number of visits, time spent on the site, etc. in a group of stream aptly called “CANDDi prospect pool”). Our marketing magician and his assistant then look at the companies in those streams to see what fun things they have done on the website and double check with Google that it is a real business. Surprisingly, it is not as labour intensive as it sounds. One - google search is just a click away from the dashboard. Two - it is straightforwad to spot interesting activity, ie repeated visits to products page.

Finding the yellow shimmer on the dusty silver of the profile, we then run search in our Salesforce, because it is possible that we already have the business and someone from there in our database. It just might be that the old contact left and a new person took over, looking us up! If we find a record, glorious days! A note is added to the lead, our salespeople are alerted so that they can then give the business a call. If we find no record in our CRM, no reason to discard the profile yet. It still goes to a salesperson who then works their magic.

Yes, you might say that this is not much different to any other IP reverse lookup. You’re only partially right. IP reverse lookup is only a part of the whole process and not the end result. Hence, this intel is unavoidable. So why let these hidden opportunities go to waste? Because here is the thing - CANDDi does more than IP lookup, the cookie shows you all they’ve done whenever and wherever they’ve done it! Doesn’t that help with figuring out how interested someone is? I argue it does. Perhaps, someone has been on the website at 11:00am while at work. Probably just browsing because they had a minute to spare. However, they then return to your website at 20:30 from their home IP. Who does that right? I tell you - an interested prospect does. This activity is something a simple IP reverse lookup doesn’t capture. This is what you lose out on with your regular IP reverse lookup tools.

So to tie this with a string called bottom line, looking into 8 companies in our CANDDi prospect pool, 2 of those were contacted based on our model. 1 turned into a referrer opportunity and the other has a demo schedule for later in the week.

And that’s why you don’t let business identified profiles slip past if they look interesting.

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