Survey Monkey Offers New Mobile Analytics

Survey Monkey Offers New Mobile Analytics

When it comes to analytics and information gathering, one thing that we often forget is the humble survey. Tools such as Survey Monkey make it very easy for business owners to ask questions of their users and collect important information, but until recently, they have primarily been a tool for desktop-based surveys, sent out via email.

Survey Monkey Offers New Mobile Analytics

Business owners who want to know how their mobile apps were doing, and who wanted to track more sophisticated usage statistics, had few options.

The new Survey Monkey Intelligence, however, has a lot to offer. The service is intended to be a competitor to offerings such as App Annie’s. It will gather data automatically, collecting information from people who have opted in to their usage panels. The company is offering access to this information using the freemium model that they use for their standard surveys - anyone can sign up for an account and get access to data from the store, but if you want access to more than the most basic information, you will need to pay for it. There are two plans - one at $79, and one at $849 - which offer access to more information, including time spent in the app, in-app purchases, retention figures, average user revenue and more, as well as the option to download the data and access it in spreadsheet form.

In addition to this, the premium services offer insights into the fastest-growing apps, as well as the most popular apps by category and data about the demographics using different apps. Zander Lurie, Survey Monkey CEO, said that the new service will help people to make better-informed decisions and that it helps companies expand from explicit survey-based data gathering to implicit data gathering. This will empower mobile companies to become consumer-centric and has the potential to help companies look at what their rivals are doing and get truly detailed information about user statistics, including popularity, churn and more, so that they can improve their offerings over time.

There are not very many tools out there which can help to support mobile companies right now, so Survey Monkey could become the go-to analytics option for mobile developers. The free version is ideal for smaller developers, but the insights offered by the premium version are invaluable and could become as compelling to follow as Google Trends was back when it first launched.


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