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Why Mobile Analytics Matters

Published 23 Jan 2015 by Tim Langley, CANDDi
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Most webmasters are well aware of the value of analytics for their desktop website, but have you ever considered analytics for a mobile app? Mobile analytics can help you to track consumers from the moment they discover your app up until the moment they make an in-app purchase or decide to remove the app from their device.

website analytics

There are many companies that offer mobile analytics. Using these, you can follow users from when they find the app on Google Play and can track their interaction with your apps - the screens that they view, the length of time they spend in the app and the exit points for the app as well. This makes the tool incredibly useful for tracking users and understanding where they are becoming frustrated or confused.

Improve Engagement

Thanks to features such as flow visualization and event tracking, you can watch users and see where they are pausing, what features they are using and when they are disappearing. You can troubleshoot app crashes and optimise your app flow to encourage users to keep coming back or to make in-app purchases if that is something your app offers.

Just as with desktop analytics, mobile app analytics can help you to track conversion goals. With e-commerce tools that can track both real and virtual goods, it is easier than ever before to understand audience behaviour. The data that you gather can be used to show advertisers why they should invest in ads with you, or it can be used to improve the user flow of your application.

Easy to Use

While it used to be difficult to set up analytics for mobile apps, that is no longer the case. Many modern mobile apps use HTML5, Jquery or other common web standards, and integrating analytics into these apps is quite simple. Even apps that are coded to run natively on a given device can have analytics added to them using a wrapper if necessary. Do not let minor technical challenges put you off from learning as much as possible about your target audience.

Google Analytics is the simplest entry point to the world of mobile analytics, but there are other services that can help you to profile your mobile users - many of them offer even more sophisticated metrics. If you are serious about improving engagement and driving purchases, take a moment to explore your options before you next update your app.


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