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Tim Langley An Entrepreneurial Career In 5 Steps

Published 08 May 2014 by Alice Jones, CANDDi
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CANDDi CEO Tim Langley presenting his experience as founder of a Tech Startup, the pitfalls and successes and how to enjoy the journey.

Tim Langley

Being involved in the startup industry, we always gain encouragement from listening to those that have lead the way before us and proved that there is light at the other end of the tunnel that is, starting your own business.

Tim Langley founded CANDDi in 2010, we are now a team of 10 that are split between Manchester and Newcastle. Over the past four years CANDDi has raised £530,000 in Venture Capital and is just starting to raise a Series A round to really scale the business.

Here at CANDDi we encourage sharing past individual and business successes but feel that it is the ‘failures’ shared that are most important in driving forward. What didn’t go so well and what lessons were learnt so the same mistakes can be avoided.

We recently attended the Great Preneurs event in Manchester where there was a mix of fantastic speakers, investors and entrepreneurs. Tim kicked started the day by presenting his journey, focusing less on the technical knowledge and skill but the right attitude (that and a little bit of luck).

And because we love sharing, below is Tim’s presentation, “a random walk through the company’s potted history - sharing five of the hardest lessons learnt”.

It would be great to hear about your hardest lesson?

Alice Flook
Who, what, when, now.

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