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Double Your Email ROI, Because Clicks Don't Pay Bills

Published 29 Jan 2014 by Paul Clarke, CANDDi
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Yes, you can see who clicked through. But what does that tell you? Well, it tells you who clicked an email link. That's it.

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Anyone who sends email campaigns will know the frustrations. The thing is - we all click emails. Lots of them. Usually without thinking. But does clicking an email make me a prospect? No. Thankfully. Because I’d be skint. And that’s why anyone who sends email campaigns will know the frustrations.

Because seeing who clicked the email link isn’t actually the important bit… it’s what happens after that click that really counts!

1) Those who aren’t interested will go away.

And that’s fine. Because chasing people who aren’t interested isn’t good anyway.

2) Those who are mildly interested will take a look around and then go away.

Dammit. You lost them. But wouldn’t it be great if you could see why you lost them? Was the content they looked at suitable? Were the calls to action simple enough? Could you do more to help them convert?

3) Those who are very interested will take a look around and contact you.

Touch down! You got the enquiry! And that’s where the average marketer packs up for the day, thinking his work is done. Whereas the Elite Marketers?…the Elite Marketers know this is where their work begins!

Having CANDDi analytics behind your website enables you to see exactly who 100% of your email clicks are and exactly what they looked at on your website! And more importantly – it shows you what content and behaviour triggered your customers to become customers!

Now that’s what you call valuable intelligence!

Because once you understand what triggers your customers to become customers - you can replicate those triggers to help more customers become customers! And that’s how you double your email ROI! Because email clicks don’t pay your bills. Customers do.

Author. Paul Clarke CANDDi

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