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Text Pests and Privacy- Taking a Lead

Published 08 Jul 2011 by , CANDDi
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I am about to fall out with a claims management company in Swansea in a big way...

I am about to fall out with a claims management company in Swansea in a big way.

It started with calls to my mobile informing me that I could claim thousands for the accident I (hadn’t) had. The first time I told them I wasn’t interested and asked them to remove me from their database. The second time I complained to them and joined the Telephone Preference Service. The third time I warned them that I had joined the TPS scheme and that I would report them if they called again. The fourth time I reported them.

Then the texts started. The sources were different numbers each time. It didn’t matter if you told them to stop on one number: the same messages started coming from another number soon after. I can’t prove it is the same company (yet) but instinct tells me it probably is.

Each new text that arrives raises my ire that little bit higher: I will soon be taking a number of different actions to relieve my stress and raise theirs.

There’s a point to my rant: people get very annoyed when you abuse their data and their contact information. We’re very clear about this at CANDDi and plan to take a leadership position on issues of privacy online. We plan to be very transparent with individuals about what data we capture and hold. We’ll also be advising our customers to do the same.

Watch this space for more information about our roadmap with regards to policies and functionality that will support this goal.

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